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René Ng

            After the cast was removed from my right wrist, my hand was purplish and lacked mobility or strength.  My doctor recommended surgery – breaking and resetting my wrist.  Against his beliefs, I sought healing at the East West College of Natural Medicine.

            When René Ng first treated my hand, he bled the fingers over the course of several treatments.  The blood was thick and black like molasses.   With weekly treatments consisting of acupuncture, herbs, and massage, I regained full use of my hand without surgery.

            I continued working with René for one and a half years strengthening my system and working on injuries related to a 2003 car accident.  I had recurring sciatica and chronic pain in my left shoulder.  My sciatica completely cleared and the pain in my shoulder is manageable.  It flares during damp weather.  Before treatment, the pain level ranged from 7-9 and flare-ups took it past a 10.  When it flares now, the pain ranges from 4-6.

            Working with René changed my life, I am pain free.  He cares.  He is a kind, considerate, and compassionate healer.  He works intuitively while drawing from his vast store of knowledge.  René is someone who makes a difference.  Any organization or person will benefit from sharing in his gifts.


 C. Ann McMurray



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