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Almost three months ago I had a violent accident. My left arm smashed in four places. There was a fractured knee cap, bruises all over, and a big concussion. I had started Acupuncture twice a week two months earlier with Dr. Ng. Luckily, this paved the way for my Acupuncture treatment after the accident. I also had Foot Bath - Toxin Removal during each session, and I recommend this practice highly.

Dr. Ng is compassionate and an accomplished master of body energy. His work saved me excruciating pain from the trauma. He opened stalled energy, and I started to heal and make bone earlier than usual. (I wore a pressure prosthesis and did not have surgery). I am so lucky to have his care and look forward to resuming Tung Acupuncture with Dr. Ng later this summer.

Don Wiechec



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