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The use of Chinese herbs is important in the treatment of disorders and diseases in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The herbs have a direct effect in conditioning the body to fight against what it is being treated for, and are known to speed up the recovery significantly.

Chinese herbs are prescribed in readymade pill form, or in raw form in which the patient must cook the herbs themselves. The pill form products are based on classical Chinese medical formulas that have been tried and tested over the centuries for the treatment of specific disorders. The products themselves are manufactured under the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and/or Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) standards to ensure their quality and safety. TGA standards are among the hightest in the world, and as dietary and herbal supplements they are subject to similar rigid guidelines as pharmaceutical drugs.

  Links to Additional Web resources on Herbs and Supplements

Dietary Supplements Database
The Dietary Supplements Labels Database offers information about ingredients in more than two thousand  selected brands of dietary supplements. It enables users to determine what ingredients are in specific brands. Information is also provided on the health benefits claimed by manufacturers. The Dietary Supplements labels Database is free from the National Library of Medicine. Click here to link to the online database.

An herbal database and an evidence-based information resource by Alternative Medicine Foundation, Inc. Provides scientific data underlying the use of herbs. Searchable by scientific or common name of herbs. Click here to link to the website.

Office of Dietary Supplements
This is a link to the National Institute of Health's Office of Dietary Supplements where you will find useful information on dietary supplements along with any seminars/workshops on the topic. Click here to link to the website.




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