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CuppingCupping is the technique by which the treatment of disease is by suction of the skin surface. A vacuum is created in special cups or jars that are then attached to the body surface. The vacuum causes a drawing up of the underlying tissues into the cups, pulling inner congestion in the body up and out. When effective in its job, the skin will appear reddened and bruised after the cup is removed. This marking can take several days to disappear, but it will go away. The person should notice an immediate difference in condition, whether congestion or pain.Cupping applied on the upper back


Cupping is done over areas where there is swelling, pain or congestion, either of energy, blood or mucus. Hence, it is very effective for edema, swellings, asthma, bronchitis, dull aches and pains, arthritis, abdominal pain, stomachache, indigestion, headache, low back pain, painful menstruation, coughs from excessive mucus, and places where bodily movement is limited and painful.



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