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In this section, you will see a compilation of articles and videos that will help you get acquainted with Chinese Medicine and its benefits.


General Acupuncture
   "Embracing Alternative Care" (US News and World Report)
   Acupuncture on the Oprah Winfrey Show
   "Can Acupuncture cure my Migraine?" (BBC News)
   "Acupuncture can lower blood pressure by as much as 40%" (Susan Samueli Center Research article)
   "Looking to quit smoking? Acupuncture just might help you stick to it" (TribStar article)
   "Acupuncture used in bypass surgery" (People's Daily Online)
   "Athletes can take Chinese Medicine at Games" (Yahoo News)
   "Acupuncture and the treatment of Acne" (American Chronicle)
   "Breath of life" - Health benefits with martial arts and meditation (Boston Globe article)
   "Staying healthy with the seasons" (Jade Dragon)
   "Acupuncture gets high marks from pain specialists" (Acupuncture Today)
   Strengthening the Lungs to help fight the elements
   "Merging Chinese Traditional Medicine into the American Health System" (Stanford University article)

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
   Research article on the treatment of ADHD with Chinese Medicine (BNet Research Center)
   "Research into ADHD" article (Clinical Center of Chinese Medicine)
   "Treating children the natural way" (Alternative Edge)

   Cancer and Chinese Herbal Medicine (American Cancer Society)
   "Acupuncture helps relieve crippling fatigue caused by chemotherapy" (Yahoo news)
   "Chinese Medicine and Cancer" (Health World)
   "Treating Cancer with Chinese Medicine" article

   "Treatment of Diabetes with Chinese Herbs" (Institute for Traditional Medicine)
   "Chinese Medicine for Diabetes has scientific backing" (Science Daily)
   "Chinese Medicine aids Diabetes" (BBC News)
   "Chinese Remedy treats Diabetes" (BBC News)


    Acupuncture may boost pregnancy (Yahoo news)
    Acupuncture may improve the odds of IVF success (WebMD)
    Oriental Medicine makes miracles happen: Acupuncture and Infertility (Pacific College of Oriental Med)
    Article on Chinese Medicine and fertility (Clinical Center of Chinese Medicine)
    Chinese Medicine and infertility article (Health World)
   "Chinese herbs for infertility" article
   "Traditional Chinese Medicine and Infertility" (The Berkley Center for Reproductive Awareness)
   "The benefits of Chinese Medicine fertility treatments" article
   "Chinese Medicine and infertility" (Carolina Newswire)
   "Fertility success stories" (Aiyana Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs)
   "Chinese Medicine helps male infertility" (Acupuncture Services of Central NY)
   Female Infertility Research articles (Acubalance Wellness Center)
   "Factors that cause infertility" article

    Multiple Sclerosis

   Chinese Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis (Alternative Medicine Channel)
   "Multiple Sclerosis and Quality of Life" (The Center for Integrative Medicine)
   Multiple Sclerosis Benefits from Chinese Medicine (Mclean Center for CAM)


  Videos(Note: popups must be allowed to watch these videos)

Acupuncture for Back Pain (WebMD)
Acupuncture treatment video (
How Acupuncture affects the brain (BBC video)
Moxibustion and Acupuncture (AOL Video)
Acupuncture, Healing Yoga, and Calcium (Healing Quest)



Qi Journal
An excellent magazine on traditional Eastern health and fitness. Click here to link to their online website.


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